Unique to our establishment in Akasaka,
we offer three specialty rooms
tailored to your lifestyle.


A perfect space to enjoy some time
with powerful images and music,
as well as for getting some work done.

Share your favorite movies and shows with your friends, or have fun watching international competitions and matches in real-time. Alternatively, this is also an ideal place for business presentations. Our audio system by Scottish manufacturer Linn Products features a high-quality, multi-channel monitor that produces a natural, high-quality sound.

Price ¥4,000 / 1 hour
  ¥8,000 / 2 hours
  ¥16,000 / 4 hours
  ¥24,000 / 6 hours

*Tax included

For your reservation or inquiry,
please contact us.


  • POINT 1

    High-Quality Sound and
    Visual Equipment

    Not only can you display images and listen to music related to your work in this room, which includes high-quality audio and visual equipment, but you can also enjoy movies and sports with your friends. This incredibly creative space is also the perfect place to deepen your exchanges with international guests.

  • POINT 2

    Meeting Table &
    Telephone Conference Room

    With a cup of fine “Unir” coffee in one hand, you can focus on your work and have discussions, connect to the internet and have international conference calls in the middle of the night, regardless of the time difference. This is the perfect environment for business types to enjoy getting their work done.

  • POINT 3

    Multiple Channels

    Multiple channels so you can enjoy worldwide content on demand. This room is equipped with a theater where you can enjoy both entertainment and work 24 hours a day, whether it’s night or day.


The ideal place for a house party,
where you can enjoy good food
and conversation.

Have a private dinner party cooking with your best friends. A room for you to freely enjoy excellent conversation and a good meal with food and wine you bring yourself, without having to worry about the time, something which no other hotel offers. The innovative design and characteristics of the eye-catching storage system by Bulthaup, Germany’s top kitchen manufacturer, reinvents system kitchens.

General ¥29,000 / 4 hours
  ¥39,000 / 8 hours
Hotel Guests ¥23,200 / 4 hours
  ¥31,200 / 8 hours

(Available only during your stay.)

*The minimum rental hours per one time use are 4 hours.
*Dining table 8 people table.
*tax included.

For your reservation or inquiry,
please contact us.


*After using the room, please make sure that the room will be returned to its original state by the checkout time . If reasonable clean-up measures are not met, an additional clean-up fee of ¥5,000 plus tax will occur.

  • POINT 1

    A Kitchen System
    of the Highest Quality

    There’s a beautiful island in the middle of the room and a back shelf filled with everything you could possibly need for a party. You can enjoy a cooked meal, of course, and a house party with a glass of wine in the kitchen.

  • POINT 2

    Dining Table & Sofa

    The room is furnished with a sofa and, right next to it, a dining table for eight where you can spread out food you brought with you or had delivered by a catering service, or, of course, food you and your friends prepared yourself in the kitchen, and enjoy a nice get-together. A place where you can enjoy a perfect house party.

  • POINT 3

    Ideal for Recording Videos
    of Cooking Classes
    or Your Own Recipes

    This room allows you to use your time well. Hold regular cooking classes or bring your own photo/video equipment and record your own recipes in a beautiful environment.


A time and place to hone your body
with the best training equipment.

A space for you to do a basic workout and stretching routine with one of the other members or, for anyone who is interested, one-on-one with a personal trainer. The stylishly designed exercise equipment from the “Wellness Collection” by Italian manufacturer Technogym has the major advantage of changing exercise into a real pleasure.

Free for Hotel Guests
(Available only during your stay.)

  • ・Available 24 hours.
  • ・Please bring indoor shoes and training wear.
  • ・Towels and water server are available in the
    training room. Feel free to use them.
  • POINT 1

    Excellent Fitness Machines

    These excellent fitness machines are perfect for business types who enjoy having free time and working in the city. This spacious room features a good balance of weight training and aerobic training equipment.

  • POINT 2

    Available 24 Hours a Day

    Our gym facilities have become indispensable for our international guests because they are available 24 hours a day without a reservation, which makes it ideal for guest who haven’t gotten over their jet lag yet.

  • POINT 3

    Personal Training Available

    It is also possible to work with a personal trainer.